Five Creative and Cost-Effective Centerpiece Ideas
The Perfect Centerpiece for Your Next Event

Gorgeous table centerpieces can enhance the look and feel of an event. Oftentimes organizations think that elaborate centerpieces are out of their budget, but by thinking outside of the box, you can come up with affordable options that will still wow your guests. Below are five options for centerpieces to consider as you plan your next event. 

Flowers and Greens

You do not have to break your budget to create a stunning floral centerpiece. To cut down on costs, consider seasonal flowers, purchasing flowers from a local florist or market or buying inexpensive clear vases. For Northwest Children’s Foundation, our team created a stunning centerpiece using inexpensive rented vases, greens instead of flowers and twigs for a grand total $20 per centerpiece.

NW Children’s Foundation’s 37th Annual Gala


Pictures make great centerpieces because they are not only attractive, they can illustrate your mission to your guests. Use pictures of the people you serve, the animals you care for, and the projects you work on. At Easterseals Washington’s 75th Anniversary celebration, we placed pictures in the center of the tables on small easels to showcase the organization’s journey over their 75 year history. If you have photos of people in attendance volunteering for your organization, consider placing those pictures at the tables at which they will be seated; they will be honored to be included. 

Easterseals Washington’s 75th Anniversary Gala

Art or Handmade

If you are an art or project focused organization, think about what you could use from your organization as a centerpiece. For example, does your organization provide art lessons for youth? If so, see if the youth have created artwork that could be featured on tables like a lantern or a drawing. 

Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools’ Annual Luncheon 2019

For Eastside Baby Corner (EBC), an organization that provides food and clothing to families, we used items like kids’ boots, toys, and books as centerpieces.

Eastside Baby Corner’s 2021 THRIVE Hybrid Event

Unique Theme

If your event has a unique theme, find ways to draw the theme into your centerpiece. It can be an object like a stack of playing cards or a candelabra. For their annual steampunk-themed fundraiser, Northwest Art Center uses eclectic items like a chemistry set as their centerpieces. If your theme changes every year, look into renting centerpieces for your event; if not, purchasing items will likely be the more economical choice. 

Northwest Art Center’s Art in the Heart of Duvall Benefit Auction 2019

For ArtsWest, a theatre organization, the event had a Halloween-inspired theme. Volunteers took pool noodles, cut them in various sizes and used super glue and battery operated candles to create a spooky and inexpensive centerpiece.

ArtsWest’s Gala & Auction 2021


Similar to pictures or handcrafted items, mission-based centerpieces put your nonprofit’s work literally before your guests’ eyes. Peace for the Streets by Kids, an organization that helps homeless youth, used toilet paper rolls and boxes of tissues as their centerpieces.   

Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets Auction 2019

For Washington Apple Education Foundation, apples are integral to the organization’s mission and they took the center stage at each table. We used specific types of apples at each table. The shape, color, name, and size of all fruit were approved by the nonprofit before we were able to incorporate them into the event. We could not use any fruit on the table that was off-color, bruised or had any marks. The fruit itself had to be in pristine condition. This was an important factor for the organization and created a stunning centerpiece that matched their mission and programs.

Washington Apple Education Foundation Hybrid Luncheon 2021 – Wenatchee

We hope these centerpiece ideas inspire you. Decor is one of many areas where we support our clients. If you are interested in partnering with us on your next event, book a consultation.