What type of services does GFS Events provide?

GFS’s mission is to help your nonprofit reach your mission. We provide all types of services that can help you achieve your fundraising event goals. We can plan an event from start to finish or help you with day of event management. GFS can also assist in first time event development.

We have always run our nonprofit events through a volunteer staff—why should we hire a professional like you?

For most nonprofits, volunteers are the lifeblood of their organization. They provide the needed help to get most nonprofits through events such as an auction or gala. However, volunteers do not always have the fundraising expertise nor the time, reliability or bandwidth that you need to take your event to the next level. GFS Events has worked on numerous events with a variety of organizations. We come to your event with a completely new set of eyes and can offer innovative ideas and fundraising solutions that can help your nonprofit achieve a fundraising goal that you thought was out of reach.

Our Volunteers are overworked and burned out from doing all the work for past events. How do you help with volunteer engagement and prevent burnout?

Too often, nonprofits use the same volunteers each year and this can lead to volunteers who feel over-worked and under appreciated. A single volunteer chairperson will handle the entire event and then want nothing to do with it the next year. GFS Events helps guide even your most experienced volunteers so that they know what to do, how do do it and are able to carry through on their tasks efficiently and with less stress. We bring timelines, scripts, agenda topics and a variety of tools that can have even your most over-worked volunteers eager to help out again.

We have no budget to hire someone to run our event but we still need your expertise, what can we do?

Let’s sit down and talk. We like to get to know our potential clients first and see what their needs are and how we might be able to meet those needs. We have successfully worked with nonprofits that initially had no budget to hire a professional for their event but in the end decided they would never do another event again without us.

Do you plan corporate events or weddings?

GFS works with nonprofits to raise money through galas, auctions, golf tournaments, walks, or other fundraising events. We do not provide services for company events, corporations or weddings but we have an extensive list of other event planning specialists to whom we refer.

How much do you charge?

GFS Events works within your nonprofit’s budget. We look at the entire event or engagement and work with you to figure out the cost for our services. We do not work on a commission basis. We are consultants and work on a per project basis.

Why Should I hire GFS Events?

GFS Events strives for excellence. We want to exceed your expectations so you can exceed your goals. We achieve this through listening to your Board Members, staff and volunteers and creating an event proposal that will meet your needs. You will raise more money using GFS than you ever could using a team of volunteers.

What types of nonprofits do you work with?

GFS works with both large and small nonprofits. Some of our clients have a large staff and established board yet still look to us to provide insight, ideas and management for their fundraising event. We have worked with very small nonprofits as well that have no staff and use volunteers and board members to help with the event.

"I cannot recommend GFS Events highly enough." They approached the NAMI Walk of Washington with drive, diplomacy and integrity. They are reliable, positive, and hard working and they do an excellent job representing our organization in the community. We were extremely lucky to work with GFS Events this year.

I hope that we are able to contract with them for future events.

Christine LindquistExecutive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Greater Seattle

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