Skihawks Racing Team Livin’ the Dream Auction 2014

September 2014

GFS chaired and managed the Skihawks Racing Team’s Annual Livin’ the Dream Benefit Auction. The auction included both silent and live, raise the paddle, dessert dash, wine grab and a raffle. GFS coordinated procurement, general venue set-up, and check-in and check-out procedures. GFS coordinated all aspects of the auction to ensure a smooth evening and increased donations and dollars for the event. The event raised 70% more than the previous year’s event.
Fun Fact
“We came to know Gazala Uradnik through one of our board members who had been asking fundraising questions on-line. We had enjoyed a very good run for our first 3 years of our auction, but knew we needed to up our game to take the event to the next level. Here we were just 8 weeks out from our 4th Annual Skihawks Racing Team “Livin’ the Dream” Charity Auction and very little was in place except the venue. What we had in place needed to be pulled together. Ideas to take the event to the next level were still undeveloped. We contacted Gazala. From the first meeting with Gazala, her energy and passion for supporting non-profit groups such as ours was apparent. She had many creative and helpful ideas that we incorporated into our event. Even more important was how she worked with us to take the strengths we had and build on them. She not only supplied assistance and support in procurement and personal contacts, she helped us to take better advantage of the resources, contacts, volunteers and event organization that had helped to make us successful in the past. The results were beyond our expectations with a 60% fundraising increase over the previous year. The event gave our supportive guests ample opportunities to give generously while still maintaining the strong sense of heart and community that our auction was built on. Thank you Gazala for your dedication, time and energy!”
Michael Fox
President, Board of Directors