Pasado’s Safe Haven Livestream Fundraiser 2020

October 2020

Pasado’s Safe Haven hired GFS Events to coordinate all aspects of their livestream virtual event and online auction. GFS was in charge of vendor management, online auction organization, and event logistics for Pasado’s Safe Haven’s Virtual LOVEbash! event. From script to run of shows creation and production coordination, the GFS and Pasado’s team worked hand-in-hand to create a live and engaging virtual fundraiser. This spectacular livestream had live components, multiple pre-recorded segments, and adorable animal teasers to keep the audience on their toes. GFS also assisted in delivery coordination with delicious, vegan meals from Cafe Flora to the Top Dog level registrants. With a live counting thermometer and auction item features flashing on the screens, the GFS Events team was able to make the at-home audience feel like they were back in the ballroom. Pasado’s Safe Haven raised $299,000, 150% of their goal! Check out the livestreamed event below!
Fun Fact
This event featured 30-second puppy commercials, because who can resist puppies?
"I can't say enough good things about working with the GFS team. When we moved our event to virtual, we know that we were going to have to tackle a lot of moving parts we normally wouldn't have to address during an in-person event. We couldn't have asked for better partners than the team at GFS. They truly know what it takes to pull off a successful fundraising event, and are focused on the most important thing -your guests! On several occasions, I was writing an email with a question only to literally have the question answered in an email that arrived before I could hit send. They keep event meetings running smoothly with actionable steps for everyone involved. We are looking forward to working with them again next year."
Mike Ritter
Development Director, Pasado's Safe Haven