Foundation for Strengthening Families’ Inaugural Luncheon

June 2023

The Foundation for Strengthening Families is a St. Louis, Missouri-based organization that works to strengthen the community by providing education and resources to families. GFS was thrilled to partner with the Foundation for their first-ever fundraising luncheon. At this inaugural event, attendees were able to hear first-hand stories of how the programs and services have made a life-changing difference for families in St. Louis. The afternoon featured a Mocktail Hour that gave guests the opportunity to learn more about their mission. GFS worked with the organization to strategize and implement various mission-based components that helped share more about the Foundation while raising money. GFS Events provided project management expertise including venue and vendor logistics, collateral design, and day-of management.  The GFS team also assisted in creating the day of the program and managing table captains to ensure that the event was a success. On the day of the event, GFS was in charge of registration, organizing the giving component, and working directly with the venue.

Fun Fact
The first time we met the client, the venue and vendors in-person was at the event since it was based in St. Louis!
"Deciding to work with GFS Events was one of the best decisions I have made as a non-profit leader. They helped us plan and organize our first major fundraiser and we raised nearly 30 times more than we’ve ever raised. You read that right 30 TIMES. The excellence with which they coordinated everything raised awareness about our organization and we made valuable connections that resulted in additional funding, support and collaboration. You will have to do some work too but if you follow their advice you won’t be sorry. The team is knowledgeable and professional. Make the investment, you won’t be disappointed."
Cortaiga Collins
Executive Director