Duvall Days Festival 2023

June 2023

For the fifth year in a row, GFS Events was hired to oversee the organization and support of the 2023 Duvall Days Festival, a large-scale event attended by over 5000 individuals. Held in downtown Duvall during the first weekend of June, this festival brings together the Duvall community and celebrates with food, vendors, fireworks, a parade and more. Our responsibilities included coordinating and managing over 100 vendors, handling the setup and management of booths, and overseeing the teardown at the end of the day. Additionally, we provided support in various other aspects of the event, such as conducting fire safety checks, assigning volunteer tasks and managing social media.
Fun Fact
The 2023 Duvall Days Festival was the largest event in both scale and attendence in the Festival's 63 year history!
"GFS Events did a spectacular job doing all leg work, streamlining our processes, giving advice on pricing and overall running the event on the day of. We did better this year than any other year the festival has been going – and that is over 50+ years. We are looking to hire them again and can’t wait to work with Gazala and her team – they are absolute professionals!"
Kim Piira
President of Duvall Days Festival