Acres of Diamonds Builders’ Dinner 2018

February 2018

Acres of Diamonds, a local nonprofit that provides transitional housing for women and mothers with children, reached out to us to help organize their Rescue Home Builders Dinner. This event was put on to raise awareness and funds for the new Rescue Home they are planning to build on their Duvall campus beginning Spring 2018. The Builders’ Dinner targeted contractors and trades people to donate their time and services to build the home. The goal for the Builders’ Dinner was to raise $2.5 million in in-kind materials and building support.
Fun Fact
We had mission tables at the event that helped guests understand how food insecurity can effect children from learning.
"Thank you once again for putting together such a nice "Builders Dinner" for Acres of Diamonds! We are so appreciative of your team!"
Cherylyn McRae
Director of Development