Strike A Pose
Creative Event Ideas In The Virtual World

How do you engage donors in the virtual realm when every other organization is competing for their attention? There are clever and fun ways to draw in your donors just by thinking outside the box! Here are two unique virtual online events we produced that allowed our clients to connect their supporters to their mission and ultimately, raised critical funds for both organizations.

Case Study #1: Create Meaningful Engagement

Yoga Behind Bars’ Virtual Eat.Drink.Give! 

Yoga Behind Bars uses mindful meditation and yoga practices to transform their students behind bars from the inside. 
GFS Events produced Yoga Behind Bars’ Virtual Eat.Drink.Give! this fall. We made an exclusive experience for guests and viewers by hosting three events:  a virtual yoga session, a mindful social justice discussion and a happy hour with music and a Raise the Paddle. Guests registered for the Week of Giving, received the Zoom link for each session, and logged on when the event started. The yoga class and open discussion gave supporters an opportunity to experience the actual work that Yoga Behind Bars teaches their incarcerated students. Guests were able to connect with each other, learn more about the amazing programs Yoga Behind Bars offers the community, and donate to the organization.

Case Study #2: Create Fun and Competition

Salish Seas Expeditions’ and Northwest Maritime Center’s Virtual Crabtucky Derby 

Salish Seas Expedition and Northwest Maritime Center provide powerful learning experiences to the next generation of scientists, maritime professionals, and stewards of the Salish Sea.

Have you heard of a Crabtucky Derby before? Or how about a Crabby Hour?  GFS Events produced Salish Seas Expeditions’ and Northwest Maritime Center’s first-ever virtual Crabtucky Derby.  This annual in-person event involves real live crab races!  We were keen on keeping the crowd-favorite tradition alive, but with a twist! Guests purchased “crab cards” created by the Salish and NWMC students. Each hand drawn crab card represented a toy crab that would “enter the race” in the live streamed event. The guest who chose the winning (toy) crab received the honor of being the Crabtucky Derby winner and the privilege of wearing the famous Crabtucky Hat! The event allowed for fun competition, raised money for the organization, and also gave guests opportunities to connect with their friends and colleagues.

How will you stand out from the crowd? 

Did we get your wheels turning? Your feet tapping? Tell us what you are thinking for your next fundraising event. We would love to hear about your organization and help you brainstorm creative ways to make your next event pop! Schedule a 30-minute consultation call with us today and let’s take your fundraiser to the next level.