Pull Out All The Stops At Your Next Event
A Case Study on Villa Academy's 2022 Neon Garden Gala

As in-person events come back in full swing, we focused this month’s blog on an in-person event we held last month. Everything from their theme to the face painter is sure to inspire your planning for your next in-person gathering. We hope it gives you some great ideas for your next fundraiser. 

Event Overview

The Villa Academy Neon Garden Gala was held on Saturday, April 9, 2022 at Fremont Studios in Seattle.  This annual event brought together parents, staff, and teachers for an in-person fundraiser to raise money for the school. Over 300  attendees gathered together to help raise over $550,000 for the nonprofit.

When Guests Arrived

The event was visually stunning. The entryway at Fremont Studios was adorned with a greenery backdrop that had neon lights threaded through the display. Guests were able to stand in front of the display and take pictures as they waited in line for registration. We had an additional photo backdrop where our photographer took a photo before guests entered the main room for the reception. The reception room was lined with black lit neon tree branches as you entered the space. The space itself had tables throughout the area that had neon flowers and lights as centerpieces. We had two large displays that showcased pictures of each child at the school. The silent and live displays were also showcased in this room.

Take Your Seats

The main space had a large video wall which displayed the  neon garden logo. The logo changed from black and white to neon colors throughout the evening. Our auctioneer was on a stage in the round in the center of the space. Each table had a stunning display of greenery and lights as centerpieces. We had a gorgeous dessert table off to the side with over 25 desserts for the guests to bid on and enjoy, including the crowd favorite, a bottle of Fireball and Twinkies. Our dynamic auctioneer and emcee kept the bidding lively and exciting throughout the night. The video tributes and speakers brought the message of the night home to the audience. The organization hoped to raise $350,000. We exceeded the goal, and surpassed their fundraising goal by over 50%!

Behind the Scenes

GFS Events worked diligently to manage numerous logistical details for the event. Our team provided the following top-level expertise for the event including: implementing an event timeline with key tasks and action items, helping to plan decor, coordinating event layout and format, setting up an online auction, managing registration, and the donation platform. In addition, GFS was in charge of the venue management and vendor coordination. 

This event was very unique to produce with the many different moving pieces for the event – including facilitating the after party which included a DJ, face painter, and a photo booth. Our team had to ensure that all the logistical pieces and guest experience were seamlessly executed and engaging. And, we did! 

If you are interested in partnering with GFS Events to create a successful and visually stunning event, grab some time on our calendar!