Youth Wise Mentoring Gala 2019

October 2019

GFS Events worked with Youth Wise Mentoring to put on a successful fundraising event by introducing revenue enhancing opportunities, managing table captain communication, and creating the run of show and script. The GFS team also was in charge of day of event operations including stage management, attendee registration, and all venue and audio visual aspects. Youth Wise Mentoring uses this Gala as their main fundraiser to help continue their mission of providing at risk young people with a trusted adult friend who will give them support, guidance, and a constructive personal example in their lives.
Fun Fact
"At our first event with GFS Events we were able to raise more than eight times as much money than what we were able to raise on our own at our last event. Working with GFS Events was a great investment that paid off! They are wonderful to work with, they are professional, great with detail, have wonderful ideas, are excellent at communicating, and they get things done. I highly recommend them."
Greg Ingle
Founder and Executive Director, Youth Wise Mentoring