YMCA of Greater Seattle’s A.K. Guy Award Event 2021

September 2021

The YMCA of Greater Seattle hired our team to oversee and execute their A.K. Guy Award event honoring philanthropist and activist, Connie Ballmer & the Ballmer Group. GFS Events oversaw sponsorship follow-up allowing the YMCA team to focus on expanding their sponsorship outreach. The GFS Events team worked side by side with the YMCA team to determine the best format and platform for the Award Event. The GFS Events team also provided technical support the night of the event assisting guests to understand and manage the virtual platform that we were on.  GFS Events also provided direction and management for the recording of any pre-recorded materials providing both timeline and schedule management and on-site support. GFS Events oversaw the timeline and ensured that the night of the event was a success with 300 attendees joining together to celebrate the amazing collaboration of the YMCA of Greater Seattle and the Ballmer Group.

Fun Fact
We had 35 breakout rooms for guests to enjoy to learn more about the YMCA!