The Rose International Fund for Children’s Virtual Gala 2021

October 2021

The Rose International Fund for Children brought on GFS Events to assist with their third year of planning for their annual fundraising event. The GFS team built their fundraising website from start to finish, communicated with ambassadors, worked with their graphic designer to create all event graphics, brainstormed and ordered Gala boxes, coordinated tech support, assisted with scripting, provided feedback on impact videos, created the program flow, and developed email and social media content. The program was hosted on Zoom and over 100 people tuned in from all over the world! Those in the local area had the option to enjoy a Nepalese-themed Gala box during the program. GFS managed the logistical aspect and worked with vendors to provide both an American Sign Language interpreter and a Nepal Sign Language interpreter present during the program. To watch the Virtual Gala, click on the video below!

Fun Fact
Students, teachers, and groups from as far as Nepal were able to join the Zoom event and share a few words during the program.