Pasado’s Safe Haven LOVEbash Livestream Fundraiser 2021

September 2021

Pasado’s Safe Haven hired GFS Events for the second year in a row for their largest fundraising event of the year, the LOVEbash Auction & Gala. Pasado’s originally partnered with GFS Events to manage and execute their in-person fundraising event. After transitioning to an online fundraiser, the GFS team quickly took steps to source and confirm livestream vendors, assist with moving contracts to 2022, and create an engaging online experience. GFS was in charge of vendor management, online auction organization, and event logistics for Pasado’s Safe Haven’s LOVEbash! event. From script to run of shows creation and production coordination, the GFS and Pasado’s team worked hand-in-hand to create a live and engaging virtual fundraiser. This spectacular livestream had live components, multiple pre-recorded segments, and two animal co-hosts, Jaques and Ole, to keep the audience on their toes. GFS also assisted in delivery coordination with delicious, vegan meals from Navi’s Catering. With a live counting thermometer and auction item features flashing on the screens, the GFS Events team was able to make the at-home audience feel like they were back in the ballroom. Pasado’s Safe Haven raised $328,000, 94% of their in-person fundraising goal!

Fun Fact
This year's co-hosts were two mini donkeys, Jaques and Ole!