Northwest Access Fund Awards Dinner and Benefit 2017

November 2017

Northwest Access Fund awards five organizations and/or individuals who support those with disabilities in the community at their annual benefit dinner. GFS Events organized and managed the event, coordinated table captains and helped with sponsorships for the event. We also had to coordinate the CART services and an interpreter for the hearing impaired. We managed the stage production for the awards dinner as well. This event brought in more dollars than any previous awards dinners.

“Thank you so much for helping put together another fabulous Awards Dinner! Because of your support and guidance, more people will be able to enroll in our Matched Savings Program and use our financial capability services. We really appreciate all you’ve done for us!”


Jack Brummel

Outgoing Executive Director

Fun Fact
We hired a specialist to loop the entire venue which included laying down copper wiring so people who were hearing impaired could pick up sounds with their devices during the program.
"Gazala and her team at GFS Events have helped us with our Awards Dinner, our annual fundraiser, for the past several years. They are great partners to have and help with all aspects of event planning, from helping to secure a venue to managing attendee meal choices and everything in between. Her team is professional, efficient, and community-minded, and Gazala is always on hand for any questions we might have. Overall, GFS Events have ensured our events have been successful, with everything running like a well-oiled machine. I wholeheartedly recommend GFS Events."
Emerson Sekins
Executive Director