North Helpline’s 2021 Hybrid Event

March 2021

North Helpline hired GFS Events to coordinate their annual spring fundraiser Empty Bowls-our first hybrid event of 2021! In past years, for the in- person event, 300 guests would gather in one venue, purchase handmade artisan bowls, enjoy bowls of soup, and bid on auction items. North Helpline decided to take the event from one location to 5 locations and hand out bowls and soups in-person, and host a 5-day-long virtual fundraiser. From March 28-April 1, we hosted sites around the Lake City & Bitter Lake area where guests could reserve an artisan bowl and soup that was donated by local restaurants. GFS worked with each pick up location and the partner restaurants who donated soup to coordinate pickups and hosting logistics for each space. GFS implemented an event timeline, introduced a video production plan with suggested messaging, produced marketing content and messaging, and created the event design. Together, we helped North Helpline exceed their fundraising and raise over 137% of their goal!


Fun Fact
We served over 500 people soup over a 5 day period during a very cold week in March!