Elizabeth Gregory Home’s Building Hope Together Virtual Gala 2021

April 2021

Elizabeth Gregory Home hired GFS Events to help them plan their annual fundraising event, Building Hope Together. We created the event timeline, led regular check-in call meetings, communicated with ambassadors, provided feedback on video elements, built out email and social media calendars and created content outlines, monitored the chatbox on the day of the event, formatted the fundraising platform, and assisted registrants from start to finish. While the complete program was pre-recorded, we made it feel like a live-streamed event by setting a release time and including a chatbox feature. We surpassed their fundraising goal and the organization saw a positive increase in support from this fundraising event.
Fun Fact
Grammy-winning singer and songwriter, Brandi Carlile, performed a unique version of the song "Crowded Table" to close out our program!