Duvall Days Festival 2019

June 2019

GFS Events was contracted to provide event management and vendor support to the 2019 Duvall Days Festival.  This 7000+ person festival takes place in downtown Duvall in the first weekend of June.  GFS Events was in charge of 100+ vendor coordination, set-up, booth management and tear-down for the day.  We assisted in event management of various other areas throughout the day.
Fun Fact
One of the participants (a 90 year old Duvall resident) needed a golf cart lift for herself and her dogs around the festival, and we were happy to oblige!
"The Duvall Days Festival hired GFS Events to run our Vendors for the festival after a competitive bid process.  GFS Events did a spectacular job doing all leg work, streamlining our processes, giving advice on pricing and overall running the event on the day of. We did better in 2019 that any other year the festival has been going – and that is over 50+ years.  We are looking to hire them again for 2020 and can’t wait to work with Gazala and her team – they are absolute professionals!"
Kim Piira
President of Duvall Days Festival