Dr. Yum Project’s Eat Well Change Your World Week of Giving 2021

April 2021

The Dr. Yum Project hired the GFS Events team to assist with their annual fundraiser Eat Well, Change Your World. Their annual in-person casino night shifted to a virtual Week of Giving with a Livestream Celebration to end the week. GFS and The Dr. Yum Project worked closely to create content that dove into the mission of Dr. Yum Project and showcased their followers across the nation and worldwide. During the Week of Giving, the Dr. Yum Project hosted a Q&A with the Dr. Yum team as well as a cooking class hosted by the Dr. Yum team. GFS Events assisted in producing the Live celebration, scripted the event, assisted with Virtual Ambassador solicitation and organization, and donor outreach initiatives. We had participants from almost every state and several countries as well. Check out the livestream below!
Fun Fact
Radio Host, Dee Daniels, used a banana as a phone prop and kale as a pom-pom to cheer on the audience and fundraise through the night.
"Thank you for helping us to make our first virtual event a success! We learned so much from you and your team and it was a pleasure to connect with you after all these years."
Dr. Nimali Fernando
Pediatrician and Founder, Doctor Yum Project