Congregations for the Homeless 2017 Luncheon

October 2017

GFS Events consulted and managed the Congregations for the Homeless 2017 Luncheon. We organized the table captains for the event and managed a kick-off event in order to increase the number of attendees at the event. We worked with board members and table captains and managed registration and attendees. GFS also managed the day of event management to create a smooth program that flowed seamlessly. This luncheon exceeded fundraising expectations for Congregations for the Homeless.

Fun Fact
John Howie was a huge supporter of Congregations for the Homeless and catered this event with a delicious steak entree.
"Gazala and her team at GFS Events were tremendous to work with. From planning of our annual fundraising luncheon, to managing vendor relationships, venue relationships, identifying and ordering needed supplies, establishing a registration process and webpage, and ensuring that AV arrangements were taken care of, her team provided a critical resource which we did not have internally. As a result, we far exceeded our goals for the event in terms of attendees and dollars raised. I heartily recommend GFS events for all of your event planning needs."
Joe Hailey
Director of Development