Add The ‘Fun’ In Fundraising
How To Keep Guests Entertained During Your Virtual Event

Engaging events!

We all crave them. Nonprofits need to captivate donors during in-person events and even more so in the virtual world.

Whether we add live music to a Zoom event or a magic act to a livestream, bringing your online fundraiser to life is vital to ensuring donors tune-in and stay engaged throughout your program. When it comes to bringing in the “fun” elements to virtual fundraising events, we make each online experience unique, embracing each mission and story. Here are some engaging ways we have brought the “Fun” into our Fundraisers in 2020!

ArtWests’ Virtual Gala
Artists from ArtsWest performed original music for our wrap-up party that raised over $110,000.

Northwest Maritime Center’s Crabtucky Derby
We not only raced toy crabs, we involved attendees in a three day trivia contest with awesome sea-fairing gear as prizes.

Auburn Valley Humane Society’s Online Gala
We decided to do away with the traditional human MC and instead employed one of their rescue dogs, Bones, as our MC!

Pasado’s Safe Haven’s LoveBash!
We incorporated 30 second breaks with adorable animals throughout the event to keep donors smiling!

There are many ways to entertain guests!

DJs, magicians, live art demonstrations are a few ways to hold your donors captive in live events and also in the virtual realm. We cannot wait to be back in a ballroom getting down on the dance floor, but for now, we will put away our heels (or maybe not) and dance to a different tune!

Here are a few vendors we recommend to keep the party going during the pandemic:


Orion Entertainment

Orion DJs play LIVE in guests’ living rooms. Guests can send in DJ song requests live through the interactive chat and get a bird’s eye view as guests watch Orion DJs perform their craft through their computers. You can also make custom graphics and messages to display on the screen. Great for dancing and donating!

David Schwartz, Orion Entertainment performing a DJ set


Nash Fung

Nash Fung is a well known Seattle magician and motivational speaker. He has experience performing on television which translates well to performing virtually for guests. Magic is a great way to interact with guests – it is entertaining and mind-blowing!

Nash Fung performing a live magic show over Zoom


John Chen

John Chen hosts online karaoke sessions almost every Saturday night. He sends you a Zoom link once you sign up, and you can sing your heart out with your friends over Zoom. You can now belt out Bon Jovi’s Livin on a Prayer from your living room!

Online Karaoke with John Chen


Fusion Games & Entertainment

Do your donors love games? Then check out Fusion Games & Entertainment. They can do virtual game shows, scavenger hunts, trivia and much more!

Guests playing a scavenger hunt over Zoom with Fusion Games & Entertainment

Take a peek at our Portfolio here and see how we teamed up with nonprofits to make their events fun!